“I do not believe I have read a more profoundly important book in the last 20 years. ‘Nothing To Prove’ is a masterpiece! The crushing of David and Caron Loveless’ lives produced a brilliant diamond that should be viewed and treasured. I am not exaggerating! Read it and see. Please.”

Clark Whitten

Pastor of Grace Church; Author of "Pure Grace"

Do you get tired from the need to prove yourself, promote yourself or defend yourself? Does the urge for control or power get in the way of key working or personal relationships?

Does fear or anxiety sometimes cause you to stall important decisions or avoid necessary change? Do you feel you’re missing out on some of the great things others seem to have going for them?

We believe you can find satisfaction, significance and security…at the core of your true identity. You can take the pressure off your performance and rest, knowing you have all you need while feeling the work you do each day is truly enough.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your personal or professional life: Striving for achievement and recognition, the need to please, seeking approval, the constant drive to get ahead and make something happen… It all can really take a toll on you.

Trust us, we get how easy it is to feel trapped in cycles of striving and achieving. We understand the need to make people happy or thinking “if we just get this one thing right”, all will be well.

For years, we had what some might call enviable success and happiness in our marriage, family, and vocations as church leaders. On many levels, we felt fulfilled and fruitful. But beneath the surface, in places we weren’t even aware of, we were stuck in several unanswered questions that eventually led to devastating personal fallout.

Somehow, even with all we already knew, we had missed a vital key that God offers each of us for our ultimate satisfaction and significance.

Out of our crisis, we have seen remarkable personal transformation by practicing several simple truths.

The changes, for us, have been so impacting we felt compelled to write a book about these truths. In it, we detail how you can benefit from what we’ve learned and, hopefully, avoid the pain and loss we experienced.

What You Can Gain From This Book

  • Understand why your constant attempts to
    modify your life or behavior doesn’t work
  • Identify the three primary identity questions
    we often fail to answer
  • Learn to pinpoint specific internal drivers
    that create your compulsive identity
  • Experience a completely different level of
    God’s love, provision, and purpose for you
  • Discern why some relationships keep
    irritating you
  • Discover how the very thing you’ve been
    searching for is something you already have
  • Learn new rhythms & practices that can increase happiness, love, and peace to your life
  • Significantly reduce feeling stressed, stuck
    or stale in any area
  • Start experiencing the ultimate life God
    made you to live

In short, engaging chapters, we take you behind the scenes of our story and, with gut-level honesty, we share our very personal journey to transformation and wholeness. That same transformation and wholeness, we’re convinced, is available for you as well.

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Digital eBook

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  • BONUS: Special Edition of the My True Colors adult coloring book (see below)

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  • 120+ pages
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  • BONUS: Special Edition of the My True Colors adult coloring book (see below)

Audio Book

  • Read by the authors
  • Instant Download
  • Delivered as MP3 audio files in a ZIP folder
  • BONUS: Special Edition of the My True Colors adult coloring book (see below)

As a thank you, we’re also including a special edition of Caron’s adult coloring book, My True Colors, with every purchase of Nothing to Prove. This is a 16-page PDF digital download and contains several of the most popular pages from My True Colors with quotes from Nothing to Prove. This special edition ONLY available by purchasing Nothing to Prove through this website and will be included with your receipt when you purchase.

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What Others Are Saying About “Nothing to Prove”

“Trailblazers like Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark and John Muir overcame challenges that gave others hope because they’d been there and back. Many times, their wisdom and insight saved multitudes from going down paths that would only get them further off track. But even more importantly, their efforts and sacrifice found the best path to go, saving those following both time and unnecessary pain.

David & Caron Loveless’ new book, ‘Nothing To Prove’ is filled with this type of invaluable insight. From the pain of their journey they guide the reader into the healing presence of a gracious and loving Creator. Having known them for 30 years, I have personally benefited time and again from the extraordinary wisdom God has given them. May the journey they share in ‘Nothing To Prove’ be a healing balm in your life as well.”

Francis Anfuso

Pastor at Rock of Roseville, Roseville, CA; Author of 14 Books

“What would it mean to live as if we are enough, have enough and do enough? Surely it would be a life well lived. It would mean we are deeply anchored in our most true identity IN Christ. It would mean we are comfortable in our own skin. It would mean we are at peace with our abilities and successes as well as our limits and losses. It would mean we know how to engage in our relationships is healthy and satisfying ways.

If this is the kind of life you long to live more fully then this is the book for you. David and Caron offer clear and compelling steps that lead to a transformed life. Because they are brutally vulnerable about their relational challenges and failures their book has a depth and perspective that is hard to find. Live what they have written and you will find you are living more fully alive!”

James Cofield

Professional Counselor/Soul Care Provider; Co-Author of "The Relational Soul"

“Someone has said, ‘Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.’ What David and Caron Loveless have done with honesty and courage in this book is reveal their personal journey into the first part of that quote and their remarkable journey of grace and forgiveness into the second part, together.

Many of us have been privileged to stand beside them with each remarkable step of recovery they’ve taken. Those steps are recorded in this book for the blessing and help of all who read. You will profit and be encouraged from the openness and honesty of their experience written down, as have I.”

Paul Burleson

President, Vital Truth Ministries

“David & Caron Loveless offer invaluable, and practical, insight in their new book ‘Nothing to Prove’. They direct us to, in my opinion, the most important, and rarely understood, barrier to our experience here on earth – our Identity. David & Caron make the case that most of us are unaware of the implications of our own ‘sincere delusion’ when it comes to accurate thinking about our true identity. David couches all he describes in the context of his own raw failure, and how he, and Caron, used that failure to fuel a deeper understanding and appreciation for their marriage. They end the book by drawing down theory into practical next steps that will improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual landscape.”

Brent Sapp

CEO & Founder of Inc. Navigator

‘Darkness must be brought into the light in order for us to be healed. Secrets must be exposed to others for God to do his full work.’ We have seen the Loveless’ courageously and faithfully live these words as pilgrims and now practitioners for the sake of others. In a mere 130 pages, Caron and David delve into the depths of our souls by revealing their own. Nothing to Prove is packed with vulnerability, raw courage and powerful tools for transformation. We will recommend this book as a discipleship resource in our own church and with the pastors and leaders we serve.”

Rev. Clare and Rev. Scott Loughrige

Lead Co-Pastors Crossroads Church & Ministries, Marshall MI

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